Haliburton Art and Craft Festival 2019


July 26,27,28 


Head Lake Park, Haliburton Village 

21 York Street, Haliburton, ON K0M1S0


Haliburton County's largest outdoor event celebrates all that's great about handcrafted and original designs by Canadian artists and artisans. Entry is open to Canadian makers. This is a juried event. The selection committee evaluates entries based on originality, identity of design, craftsmanship and use of materials. We strive to bring attendees a well rounded, eclectic and one of a kind shopping experience that will appeal to the seasoned collector and the first time buyer alike. 

Haliburton Art and Craft is the highlight of summer in the Haliburton Highlands. 

Blast from the Past...


Use the link here to download Guidelines for future reference. 

2019_Application Guidelines (pdf)


vendor application

Application Guidelines

Haliburton Art and Craft Festival is a juried, outdoor show presented by Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre, a non-profit public gallery located in Haliburton's landmark rail station. 

Dates: July 26,27,28 2019

Projected attendance: 6,500 to 7,000 Admission fee: $3 per person, children free with adult; good for re-admission all weekend

Number of vendors: 120

Location: Head Lake Park, 23 York Street, Haliburton, Ontario 

Contact: Laurie Jones or Michelle St. Pierre, Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre

705-457-2330 haliburtonfestival@gmail.com railsendgallery.comFacebook/Rails End    twitter@HaliburtonFest | instagram@rails_end_gallery

Festival Hours Friday July 26 12 noon - 6 pm

Saturday July 27 9:30 am - 6 pm

Sunday July 28 9:30 am - 4 pm

When is the Application Deadline?ONLINE  Friday February 22, 2019 at 11 pm No fee for ONLINE applications. $25 fee for paper application. You must request a paper application well in advance to ensure you make the deadline. 

SNAIL MAIL postmarked by Friday February 22, 2019

IN PERSON delivered by 4 pm  Friday February 22, 2019

To: 23 York Street, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Who can Apply?

Applicants must be the designer, creator and producer of the art/craft sold at the Festival.

  1. One studio per application.
  2. One studio per booth. NO sharing.
  3. NO outsourced items made by  other studio (s) i.e. made by someone other than the applicant in another  location.
  4. NO mass produced/manufactured items.  Exception: components where use is clearly appropriate and secondary to the nature  and design of the work.
  5. NO molded forms Exception: the mold is the design and  product of the applicant or subordinate to the applicant's creativity.
  6. Applications containing any article made from a commercial kit or pattern are disqualified.
  7. Original paintings are strongly encouraged. Where original art and reproductions are offered together the  copies must be to professional standards and identified to the Jury and   the Public. Original art must predominate in the booth.

The Jury reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of work to be included in the show. Failure to comply with a request to remove articles that do not meet the Jury standard will result in the rejection of future applications to the Festival.

Exhibitors' Code of Conduct

As a Participant in Haliburton Art and Craft Festival I agree to: 

  1. maintain an attractive booth with appropriate signage
  2. conduct  myself professionally at all times in dealing with the Public, Festival Volunteers   and Staff. 
  3. read all  materials provided to me and follow festival rules and regulations
  4. display work closely in keeping with that shown in my application
  5. meet   deadlines for payment and submission of proof of insurance


The Application is a one step process. BE PREPARED before you begin. 

  • Read Application  Guidelines (this document).
  • Know your  Studio Name and contact information including postal code, email and  social media addresses. 
  • Decide on  your application category – you may only apply in ONE category.
  • Prepare a  product description (less than 150 words) outlining your method, materials  and unique identifying features. 
  • Prepare a  short biography of less than 150 words. Point form is acceptable. Please  be clear and concise. 
  • Be ready  to upload: 6 excellent product images with brief description (up to 20  words) and pricing. NOTE: maximum  file size 4MB. Images should clearly show the quality and design      characteristics of your work.

There is no fee for online application. Notification of acceptance will be emailed in early April. Thank you for applying to Haliburton Art and Craft Festival. The deadline for applications is 11 pm Friday February 22, 2019.

Application Categories

Artists may apply in ONE (1) of the following categories. Choose the one that best represents your product line. There are is no Food category.

  • ceramics
  • fine woodworking including      furniture 
  • glass
  • jewelry
  • sculpture 
  • toys and games
  • visual art:  painting/photography/drawing/printmaking
  • fashion:  leather/clothing/hats/handbags/accessories
  • body care items:   soap/lotions/bath products
  • Other NOTE: if your work does not fit into one   of the above categories apply in Other. Examples include: household  items/tea towels/wood utensils/pillows/throws/quilts/lamps/candles 

Selection Criteria of the Jury

To ensure a well-balanced, high quality show, applications are carefully screened by the Jury who will judge your work based on:

  • excellence  and identity of design and/or function;
  • craftsmanship  shown;
  • overall  impression;
  • innovation and exploration of materials.

Acceptance and Payment

Jury results will be sent to you by email by April 3. You will have 10 days to complete your online confirmation, select booth size, location and process payment via e-transfer/credit card, cheque/money order.  You will have until May 31 to provide us with your Certificate of Liability Insurance (minimum $2 million) documentation.  If you do not have insurance you may elect to purchase it directly through our provider. It is your responsibility to arrange insurance and supply it on time. 

Fees and booths

Spots are 10' wide x 10' deep (100 square feet). Fee: $330 plus HST Does your booth take up more than 110 square feet? Additional 10’ x 10’ spot(s) may be purchased to increase frontage or depth. There is a 50% discount for each additional 100 square feet.Exhibitors must have a canopy covering their booth and attractive identifying signage. Built structures, including shelving, walls etc. must be constructed and secured in a workmanlike manner. The use of ground stakes is strongly discouraged due to the presence of underground irrigation pipes. Please use weights instead. Booth-side parking space for vehicles or storage is very limited - there is designated parking in Festival grounds within walking distance of all booths, and goods may be dropped off at your booth by a vehicle during set up times if needed.  


Vendor Registration and set up times

Thursday, July 25 - 12 noon until 8 pm Registration desk and grounds open at noon. You will find your spot assignment when you register. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION BEFORE NOON ON THURSDAY. Friday, July 26 - after 8 am until 11 am Registration desk and grounds open at 8 am.Booth must be ready when show opens on Friday at noon. The gates are closed to the public until noon.  Please do not conduct sales before the Festival opens. Rails End Volunteer organizers work hard to present a quality show for both the public and the vendors, your cooperation is appreciated.


There is Vendor parking on the Festival grounds. If you need use of your vehicle during Festival hours you may not park on the grounds. All vehicles must be parked on grounds or removed at least one half hour before the Festival opens each day. Vendors with motorhomes/camper, trucks and heavy utility trailers park will be assigned parking.  Thank you for helping protect our park from vehicle damage.

Accommodation and Food

www.haliburtonholidays.ca lists local accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Book early since summer is a busy time. Some vendors choose to stay in the park (camp/van/motorhome) for the duration of the festival. This is permitted, however facilities are limited to portable toilets and there is no hydro. There is a nominal fee for overnight camping vehicles: RV/Motorhomes 2+ axle $53.10 Trailers/campers/van single axle $26.55, tent stay no charge. Washroom facilities are onsite Municipal washrooms and Port-a-Potties (refreshed daily). The food and beverage area on-site will be open during the Festival with local craft beer, soft drinks, wood-fired pizza, tacos and other snacks. Local restaurants and businesses welcome your patronage.

WIFI, banking, shopping etc.

WIFI is provided by the Municipality of Dysart et al throughout the park. The signal strength varies and may or may not be adequate for processing payments on WIFI. There are two banks in Haliburton within easy walking distance – CIBC and Bank of Montreal; a TD Canada Trust bank machine is also nearby. Groceries, LCBO, hardware store, ice, drugstore and gas station are all located within walking distance of the park. 


Security is on duty Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9 pm to 6 am. Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre is not responsible for stolen or damaged inventory. 

Ready to start your application? USE THE LINK ON THIS PAGE 

The deadline to complete your ONLINE application is Friday February 22, 2018 at 11 pm. There is no fee for online application. The Vendor Application may be found on our website up until the deadline. To request a paper application sent to you call 705-457-2330.There is a $25 fee for paper applications.  


Have you read the Application Guidelines? 

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No? Please read the guidelines on this page first.