Quartz Crystals WORKSHOP

Quartz Crystals WORKSHOP
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April 21 10 – 11 am

Join us in the Main Gallery for an informative, one-hour workshop looking at quartz crystals. Anita Kuno, who has studied ways to address the Pranamaya Kosha (energy body) for 30 years, has extensive knowledge of the application of crystals to achieve understanding and wholeness. She will be offering a one hour workshop designed to orient participants to the language of crystals. Do you know the difference between an edge and a face? How do you calculate the number to which a specific crystal vibrates? Drawing on her vast collection, she will bring specimens for viewing, some for touching and images for discussion.


Fee: $15, Rails End Member discount 5%

Call 705-457-2330 or email us info@railsendgallery.com to register

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