June 27, 2018 until August 25, 2018
All Day

A Luthier is a craftsperson who makes stringed instruments. Violins, violas and cellos are examples for bowed instruments (played with a bow) while others are plucked or strummed like acoustic and electric guitars, banjoes and ukuleles.

This summer we present a selection of handcrafted instruments in the Main Gallery. Each one is unique and represents hours of meticulous work and dedication to the luthier’s craft. To show the artistry involved in the creation of these instruments they are displayed in the round (rather than hanging on the wall). You will be amazed at the detail on some of the instruments and the finish the artisans have achieved.

Working with the Community of Making (Haliburton County Public Library) we have devised an interactive electronic display which allows the audience to listen to the sound of some of the instruments being played by it’s maker.  “Under construction” images and examples will demonstrate the methods luthiers use to create their instruments.  Family friendly hands on activities include making simple sounds using string, cigar box “gitties” and free Friday afternoon concerts with local professional musicians.


Bethany Houghton

Wendy Evenden

Ken Loney

Frank Brothers Guitar Company (Tim and Nic Frank)

rosbuilt Tin Can Banjo (Ross Stewart)

image: Tim Frank at work in the Frank Brothers Guitar shop.


Making Music: The Luthier's Craft