August 3, 2016 until September 4, 2016
All Day

When Joe Truss, of Abbey North Drummers, visited Zambia he commissioned a selection of drums to be made to bring back to Canada. Rails End Curator, Laurie Jones, has chosen her favourites for this exhibition. They exemplify decorative patterns and drum making techniques used in the region. It is worth noting, however, that there are over 75 different languages in Zambia and to get agreement on even the word for “drum” [n’goma] is tough to do.  The decorative elements on the drums include typical animals carvings i.e. Water Buffalo, to incised patterns, stylized faces in relief and the human form.

This exhibition is part of Halibana DrumFest. Visitors are invited to use drums and percussion instruments set up for demonstrating.

A slide show showing the Kabwata Cultural Centre environment and some of the makers runs continuously in the Gallery, with sound track by Abbey North Drummers.

Be sure to visit with our Arts Animators, Emma and Allen, who will be on hand to talk with you about Halibana activities this month.

Drums from Kabwata Cultural Centre