August 30, 2017
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Born to Drum: a Woman’s Journey into Rhythm

presented in conjunction with Haliburton DrumFest

Registration: $10 call 705-457-2330 or email REGISTER HERE
It has been said that if you have a heartbeat, you are a drummer. For centuries, the drum has been used as a means of communication, gathering community in celebration, in rites of passage, healing, ritual and for entertainment. Group drumming is popular today because it brings us together in rhythm; it heals and strengthens us within, provides an outlet for self-expression and stress.…it just feels good!
In this exciting workshop designed for Women, Gillian will lead you on a discovery of your own primal rhythms in a safe and encouraging environment. Discover your inner drummer!
No musical experience is necessary. All instruments are provided, feel free to bring your own drum if you have one!
Born To Drum - A Women's Journey Into Drumming