Dotti Potts — Clay

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Dotti Potts Studio is the collaboration of husband and wife Sandra & Gavin Silberman. The couple were raised in South Africa and have lived in Canada since 1994. They make tableware, home decor items as well as an extensive line of fashion jewellery. All items are made using chip resistant porcelain clay. Sandra always ensures that her items are both functional, decorative and of good quality, her philosophy is to have beautiful things that can be seen and used daily. The Dotti Potts experience is a very tactile one, Sandra loves to carve and create texture on her work in a variety of ways. Lately she has started to incorporate images and inspirational words on her pieces, hoping to inspire the user daily. Such items like mugs or wine cups will have sayings like “everyday is a gift”. There is a strong sense of whimsy and sophistication in her designs.

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