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I am self taught and have been living on my work for 44 years .and never reduce my quality.My first year full time was 1970 and I have been participating in Quality art shows across North America since 1971. Montreal,Québec, One of a kind Toronto,New Brunswick.,Haliburton, Halifax,Vancouver,Texas,Chicago,Miami, 20yrs Tucson& Pheonix Arizona. California ,Hawai. ect. I do not whole sale. and 50% of most show sales are custom orders, my work varies for $8. -$69. $120. $1200. up to $ 4000. in the many years that I have participated in the Haliburton show I have sold thing in all price categories ,more than 70% of my sales at all shows are to return customers which is nice for me and the show. Customers plan out many of their purchases prior to the show. I have been on the organizational boards of several art shows , Montreal, Ottawa ,Arizona.In Dec. I received a 40 yr participation
trophy in an Ottawa show. Fundamentally. I,m an Artist of Functioal art. dedicated to quality and innovation.


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