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Robin is a very eclectic being that spends quite a lot of time wandering about in her imagination, from whence she builds things and tells stories.
Robin has been making toys, puppets and art for longer than she can remember. A graduate of OCAD in video and performance, Robin has also been an illustrator, mural painter, photographer, sculptor and writer, as well as a wine maker, baker and race horse groom.
Currently, she is the owner-operator of RoRo Art, making toys, puppets, clothing and art; selling it at various arts and craft shows in Southern Ontario and doing custom work from her home studio in Scarborough.
Robin builds large theatrical puppets for stage and film and puppeteers a small, mischievous sock puppet named What What.  Robin has performed puppetry at live shows, festivals and events, on television and in music videos.  She also teaches puppet building & performing workshops.

Robin is a member of The Toronto Puppetry Collective and stage manager for the Puppet Allsorts series, and puppeteers a small, mischievous sock puppet named What What.