The Funky Clothesline — Fibre

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Twenty-five years ago in 1992, Dolphin began dyeing and drawing on big and baggy, brushed cotton shorts. He ventured onto Queen St. in Toronto, opened up an ironing board to place his wares, and commenced on his entrepreneurial, artistic journey!

Dolphin and Gaia met in Morocco in 1995, engaged in Guatemala in ’96, married in France in ’97 and proceeded to have 3 kids (a boy and twin girls) in 14 months! A whirlwind! With all the kids still in diapers Dolphin quit his regular job after his last night of parental leave for the twins. What to do now? In the winter of ’99: book craft shows and festivals… make and dye shorts! The beginning of…

Now in its nineteenth year doing the summer circuit, The Funky Clothesline exhibits at Craft Shows and Festivals throughout Ontario.

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