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Located just outside of Barry’s Bay, I have been a custom woodworker for over 30 years.
I started to do custom furniture full time, 15 years ago.  Before that I worked at a custom wood door Manufacturer.
Each piece of furniture is made by hand personally from the development to the finished piece, the carvings, dovetails, turnings, bending and sanding using a combination of power tools and hand tools.  All joints are fitted by hand usually by mortise and tendon. We use water dyes and spray on a lacquer finish.
The woods I use in the furniture are ash, cherry, oak, mahogany, tiger maple & bird’s eye maple.
The upholstery and rushwork on the benches and stools are done by Celine Levair, my wife.
The wood and antler pens are all hand turned and polished on the lathe. I use both local and exotic woods.  The antler is from local deer and moose antler seasonal drop offs.  And the metal fittings are the only finished parts that we purchase for them.

Website: http://www.levairswoodworking.ca