Rolling Hills Studio — Sculpture

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After following many side roads, sculpting is now my passion, and through training and exploration, I have elevated this medium to new levels at the Rolling Hills Studio.
My rural home in Sunderland, Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for my creative spirit. – “My studio is my Happy place. Here’s were I escape the stresses from daily live to wind down and get the creative juices flowing”. I incorporate fabrics and natural materials into my sculptures, such as rocks, wood, bird nests and many vintage laces. The medium I’m working with is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly fabric hardener to sculpt my large and small figurines, focusing on the female form and animals, mainly birds, each with a unique personality and an ethereal life force. Known as an enthusiastic and charismatic teacher, I’m also facilitating workshops in my studio so that others can experience the artistic magic that keeps me engaged.


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