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bumblebee jewelry is envisioned, designed and created by Katherine Flynn in her Toronto studio.

Beloved for its sense of whimsy and fanciful colour pairings, bumblebee creations are fresh and modern, yet timeless. I believe that my designs echo a part of myself and how I fit into the world, yet cannot express via any other medium. My vision is expansive and I strive to surpass conventional limits in design without sacrificing wearability, function, or beauty.

Inspired most by natural surroundings, I love observing the components that lend a scene or environment beauty – from colour to shape to space to geometry; dark or light, tiny or vast – I watch, absorb, envision.

bumblebee eschews trends; aiming instead to create pieces of timeless quality that will become a permanent part of each customer’s collection. There are no generic designs at my booth, something I am immensely proud of.

Website: http://www.beejewelry.ca

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